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The Congregation: Deconstruction Photo Recap

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On March 26, 2016, Exhibit A Gallery held The Congregation: Deconstruction featuring acoustic performances by Another Century's New Years Day, 9 Electric, XO Stereo and long time friends Vile Descent. Art work on exhibit by Richard Villa III, Lizzy Gonzalez, Missy Munster, Savannah Bright, Zachary Gartner, and more. With Special guests and supporters from Hellfire Heart, LA Guns, Escape the Fate, and Stitched Up Heart.

Exhibit A Gallery is the place where the creatives congregate to collaborate and celebrate the arts in all its forms. Owner and founder of Exhibit A Gallery, Richard Villa said, "The Congregation is not only for the artists to congregate with one another, but an opportunity for fans to share in the experience, in a close symbiotic environment. To give thanks and appreciation to each other. Where we are one in our cause, to evolve mentally, emotionally and creatively together." The night was exactly that, it was an up close and personal, eclectic and artistic environment. Art was stimulating all the senses; you saw art, heard art, and felt art.

Bravo to all that were involved to making this event a success. Special thanks to Another Century, Lizzy Gonzalez, New Years Day, 9 Electric, XO Stereo and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Photography by Savannah Bright.