"Slipknot" by Angel Acordagoitia

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Angel Acordagoitia

Acrylic on Canvas

36 x 36



Slipknot is a unique band; from the way they look to the way they sound. Their music and sound have so much energy along with their onstage presence. 
Like Slipknot I release all my energy and creativity into my paintings while at the same time challenging myself to evolve a with every painting. 


 As a child I was always surrounded by art through either seeing my father sketch or drawing with my older sister. The only formal art training I’ve had were a couple of art courses at Cerritos College and working with my uncle, who is an artist as well. During his teens my uncle took courses with a student of Frida Kahlo. While working with my uncle I learned so much about art. I learned how to create murals, art history and how to paint walls with various techniques. During my time at Cerritos College I took a life-drawing course. I remember my Professor telling me “ You’re so talented it’s scary” I guess she saw something in me that was forming. I learned so much from those experiences. Working with my uncle and attending Cerritos College molded me into the artist that I have become. After a couple of years of working with my  uncle it was time to venture on my own.