“BATTERY ACID TRIP: Art Tribute To The Aesthetics Of Cyberpunk" is an immersive, multi-sensory art experience that explores the gritty, neon-lit world of cyberpunk. The show will feature a range of mediums, including sculpture, painting, mixed media, and installation art, all of which draw inspiration from the iconic visual elements of cyberpunk, such as neon lights, holographic displays, and cybernetic enhancements.

The main gallery space will be transformed into a dark, industrial-looking environment, complete with neon lighting, fog, and a soundtrack of atmospheric electronic music. The artwork on display will be arranged to create the illusion of a bustling, futuristic metropolis, with towering skyscrapers and holographic billboards looming overhead.

One of the central pieces of the show will be an interactive sculpture that visitors can enter, where they can experience the disorienting, hallucinatory effects of "battery acid" (a street term for a powerful psychoactive drug) and explore the darker side of cyberpunk culture.

In addition to the main gallery, there will also be a small theater area where visitors can watch classic cyberpunk films and documentaries, as well as a vending area selling cyberpunk-inspired merchandise.

The exhibition will showcase different artists' interpretations of cyberpunk aesthetics that reflect the dark and gritty world of technology, and the impact of it in the future, where humans and machines become one. And it aims to explore the complexity of human emotion and the social commentary that comes with it.