A battle vest represents important symbols of identity, both as a unique individual and as part of a community of the like minded. They are also a sign of commitment and devotion to one's favorite bands and to the metal / punk scene. An artistic physical reminder of past experiences and a visual statement of one's personal beliefs or values.

A battle jacket or vest is a customized garment worn in the heavy metal community and punk rock subcultures that features decorative patches, band insignia, studs and other embellishments, some even custom painted.

For these music genres, the battle vests started making their appearance in the 1970’s but we have to go even further back in history to find the beginning of this trend. These cut-off battle jackets, battle vests in heavy metal and punk subcultures, originated in the U.S. military, specifically the Army Air Corps, where pilots and other aviation personnel would collect patches or other insignia to put on regulation bomber jackets or flight suits. The practice continued within the biker subculture and later found popularity in punk and various heavy metal subcultures.

Battle jackets are significant in the expression of subcultural identity for these Metal Heads and Punk Rockers that wear them, and constitute a global phenomenon that is now gaining more and more momentum once again!

The heavy metal and punk scenes are gaining massive traction from Generation Z to Gen X! From street takeovers for impromptu underground punk shows in LA to big stadium heavy metal shows, the crowds are filled with loyal battleheads exhibiting their individuality through their battle vest.

These battle vests represent important symbols of identity both as a unique individual and as part of a community. They are a sign of commitment and devotion to one's favorite bands and the metal/punk scene, a reminder of past experiences, or a statement of beliefs/values. 

Exhibit A Gallery wants to merge together this subculture and the contemporary art scene by presenting the “Battlehead” art show! This unique art show will feature contemporary artists and musicians who will each create their own custom Battle Vests as an original art piece, which will be displayed on the gallery walls for the “Battlehead” art show in January 2023!




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