Henry Rollins Print - Linda Aronow

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Henry Rollins Print

Linda Aronow

11 x 14 Hand Printed

Open Edition




Linda Aronow is an amateur photographer and professional punk who grew up in Culver City California where she developed her love of photography and music and her hatred of high school and bullies. After begging her dad to borrow his camera one too many times he finally gave her his Canon AE1 which she still uses when shooting film today. Linda has had several solo exhibitions and her work has been published in Corporate Rock Sucks, and is the cover photo of Rozz Williams In His Own Words. Her photos have also been used by various independent record labels including Cleopatra, Dionysus and Mystic Records, as well as print publications including the L.A. Reader and Generation Magazine, and licensed for several documentaries in progress. She is currently working on a book of her punk photography and can be found on Instagram @lindaaronowphotography.