Black Sabbath Photo Print

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Black Sabbath Photography Print
All prints on Hahnemühle Agave paper which is acid free museum quality archival giclee
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Gallery edition: 1 of 1 signed $200
Unsigned timed edition/unsigned 8x12 - $100
Signed edition of 10 12x18 - $400
Signed edition of 5 16x24 - $500
Signed edition of 2 24x36 $600
"Mansfield, MA. Black Sabbath is a band I figured I would never have the chance to photograph, and I was kind of right. While I did tour with them, I was with the opening bands and I never even thought to ask permission to photograph them, which was a mistake, I really should have. So as one would imagine, with the godfathers of heavy metal, their image is heavily guarded and very few photographers are approved and allowed to photograph them and those that do, the images are carefully curated by an outside source. I was not one of the photographers approved to photograph Black Sabbath (I didnt even try to be fair). When they announced their farewell tour, I knew this was my last chance, but again I let my fears get the best of me, and I didnt even put in to shoot the show, I did, however, get a ticket directly behind front of house, dead center, with a clear view of the stage, knowing I could take in a cheap point and shoot camera. I ended up buying two cameras, a canon powershot and sony (the sony was awful) but the canon powershot was absolutely incredible. I photographed the entire show from my seat. though maybe not the proper way to do things, I photographed Black Sabbath in what probably would be my last chance to do so, and because of that these images of one of my favorite bands of all time, exist. The quality from the point and shoot camera was unbelievable. I often say I have much more fun at a concert photographing it than just standing/sitting there watching it, no question this was one of my favorite concerts I got to photograph. Sabbath put on an incredible show, and what a perfect end to such an incredible legacy." Jeremey Saffer