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In This Moment Photography Print
All prints on Hahnemühle Agave paper which is acid free museum quality archival giclee
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Gallery edition: 1 of 1 signed $200
Unsigned timed edition/unsigned 8x12 - $100
Signed edition of 10 12x18 - $400
Signed edition of 5 16x24 - $500
Signed edition of 2 24x36 $600
"Portland, ME. In This Moment is a band I've been working with since their first album. Our working relationship has changed over the years in that, back then I would photograph them every now and then for a magazine, and now, years later, I am doing their album covers and official band photos as well as directing and shooting music videos with them. Maria is someone with a strong vision of what she wants to see. When she sees something she likes, she makes sure to create it properly. Working with someone who has a strong vision is the best, because they know what they want and youre able to collaborate on a much higher level. Tasked with bringing someones vision to life, or as Maria says "ok I want it to looks like this, but the way YOU do it, so just... Jeremy Saffer this!" I am a verb. She is someone that believes in artists, deeply. She first tasked me with creating the cover of Black Widow from a back stage snapshot, then tasked me with shooting a music video (when I had NO idea how to) "Youll figure it out honey!, you got this!" and I did. Maria pushes me to learn, to be better, do better as an artist and collaborator, to up my level, and every single time we work on a big project, we always do just that. This shot is from the Blood 1983 shoot, Where I first started using tube lighting and really injecting a lot of color into my past desaturated photography. This shoot is so important because it shows that chapter of my aesthetic coming to fruition and really locking in, with this collaboration with one of my favorite bands and people to work with. And while I do talk Maria a lot as she is the person I work with on these things, the dudes are just as incredible, There are not a better bunch of people to photograph, Chris, Randy, Travis, Kent... the blood girls, Erin, etc. just the best of the best people. Every day I get to spend with them, I know, will be an incredible day full of amazing hangs, and amazing art. Maria is someone who makes me a better photographer, she raises up those around her, and I could not be more grateful to her for it." Jeremey Saffer