Imperial Triumphant Photo Print

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Imperial Triumphant Photography Print
All prints on Hahnemühle Agave paper which is acid free museum quality archival giclee
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Gallery edition: 1 of 1 signed $200
Unsigned timed edition/unsigned 8x12 - $100
Signed edition of 10 12x18 - $400
Signed edition of 5 16x24 - $500
Signed edition of 2 24x36 $600
"Harlem, NY. Imperial Triumphant are a band I saw before I heard and their aesthetic alone sold me and their music just solidified it. I knew that anything I did with them visually would have to complement their masks and robes, and while they normally shoot on location in these incredible NYC/Gotham looking locations, I knew I wanted to do something different, so when we shoot, its generally a studio setting. We had shot a few times in the past, and for this shoot, I was working with Nanlite (lighting company that makes the tubes and lights I use) to do some footage for B&H. when tasked with finding a NYC band to be the guest, my first pick was immediately Imperial Triumphant, which they obliged. We shot using a bunch of different set ups that day with heavy fog and it lead to my favorite shoot with them. The images we got that day are some of my favorite images I took that year, by far. Their aesthetic is always incredible and its fairly difficult to take a photo of them that isnt epic and awesome if you have a rough idea of how to light it, and we had a lot of ideas that day, my favorite being the gold and fire lighting that you see in this image." Jeremey Saffer