Iron Maiden Photo Print

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Iron Maiden Photography Print
All prints on Hahnemühle Agave paper which is acid free museum quality archival giclee
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Gallery edition: 1 of 1 signed $200
Unsigned timed edition/unsigned 8x12 - $100
Signed edition of 10 12x18 - $400
Signed edition of 5 16x24 - $500
Signed edition of 2 24x36 $600
"Hartford, CT. Early on in my career I had a lot of breaks, one of those breaks was getting to spend a week or two on a couple separate runs of Iron Maiden dates as a photographer, who had... NO IDEA... what he was doing. I was shooting on full auto, shooting on continuous (taking many photos as quickly as possible while holding down the shutter) and getting what I could get. Shortly after I was able to go to a photo school and learn everything I needed to know about photography and the technical aspects and techniques behind it, but that time very early on, before it was a career is really special to me, even if the photos arent perfect, that teenager spray and praying the stage with his camera to Maiden, Dio, Motorhead, Halford... it was a TIME. This image brings back those moments and those memories. Maiden will always be one of the greatest bands in heavy metal." Jeremey Saffer