Peter Steele Photo Print

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Peter Steele Photography Print
All prints on Hahnemühle Agave paper which is acid free museum quality archival giclee
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Gallery edition: 1 of 1 signed $200
Unsigned timed edition/unsigned 8x12 - $100
Signed edition of 10 12x18 - $400
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Signed edition of 2 24x36 $600
"Worcester, MA. Peter is sort of the one I never had a chance to really work with in the capacity that I had hoped to. I first started my career, really, with Lacuna Coil. I was often following them on tour as a photographer when they were with Type O or with Anthrax, etc. I had photographed Type O live probably 20+ times at least, but as I transitioned into doing more photo shoots, Type O was never a band that crossed paths with me, which is a super bummer as I would have loved to have had the opportunity to do a proper portrait session with the band or with Peter. Though I did get to spend a bunch of time hanging with him on the road over the years and I feel like his sense of humor was as incredible as his music. I love that I got to photograph them enough where I have so many different looks over the years, this shot being one of the most iconic and most timeless "Peter" of the shows I photographed. What a legend he is, all hail the green man. " Jeremey Saffer